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It’s hard to believe that we launched Quewey less than two weeks ago and so many people have been able to connect. Our smart little algorithm works through about 200 dates of availability every week to match users with the right professionals and that number keeps growing! Just to give you a little idea of the kinds of Quewey meetings taking place: we’ve set up a venture capital investor, business development pro and a tech expert.  In another group, a hedge fund investor turned MBA student, a start-up CEO, an acoustic engineer and a PR upstart. And in another group, a robotic engineer, an MBA student and a benefits consultant. Of course, the last element to each Quewey meeting is a good bar with a good drink!

On the surface these matches may not seem directly helpful to each professional, but it’s the diversity of backgrounds that Quewey users tell us they enjoy the most. If given the choice, people tend to gravitate towards like others and with good reason. People in your industry best understand its values and the challenges that face it. Quewey only seeks to keep professionals from missing great business opportunities by setting them up with people that they may not otherwise meet. Who knows? Maybe the MBA student is not in need of a PR professional but she knows a venture capitalist who is willing to check out the student’s budding education startup (in fact, this is actually happened).

This is only the beginning! The stronger the Quewey network grows the more choices our smart little algorithm has to choose from to match you with. This is where you come in!

There are FOUR simple things you can do to help us help you:

1)      Sign in! Go to www.quewey.com to enter your availability.

2)      Tell your friends and colleagues about Quewey to multiply the power of the network and enhance your user experience.

3)      Give us feedback; the good, bad and ugly. Seriously, we mean it. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and why. It will help us make our product better. You can fill out the contact form on the site or email info@quewey.com.

4)      Like Quewey on Facebook and follow us @queweyQs on Twitter!

Remember networking is about building relationships. It is not just about who you connect with, but how you connect. So get out here and Quewey with us!

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