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Qnote - Quick Update from Dave
On the eve of the next running of our algorithm, thought I’d write a quick note about the past week’s #Queweys:
I’ve been lucky enough to attend Queweys so far, and will go to another tonight.  I’ve met an OB/Gyn, a VC investor, a hedge fund trader turned entrepreneur, a biotech start-up executive and an acoustic engineer.  I’ve also had 3.5 beers and a lot of fun conversation.  On the docket tonight are a BD professional, another VC investor and a software programmer.  

I’m really excited about tonight’s meeting and what we have on the docket for the coming weeks.  I’ll probably have to start and tail down my own participation soon, as impact on my exercise schedule and beer calorie intake are starting to take their toll on my body (let alone my work schedule), but I’m glad to note that the first week has been a great success and I hope that more and more folks will try a Quewey out!

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