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A New Day at Quewey

Well, there are pivots and then there are PIVOTS.  Ours is of the capital letter variety.  

Today marks a very, very exciting day in the development of our little start-up.  

The DNA of Quewey has always been about connecting business professionals who wouldn’t otherwise connect - in these past 4 months, we’ve learned a lot about what business professionals are missing and what they will do to make new connections (and just as importantly, we’ve learned a lot about what business people won’t do).

We still believe in the power of broadening one’s personal network through the power of the internet.  But we have shifted our focus: Our new, singular goal is to make professional networking fun.

We launched our first tool today, and we hope you’ll try it:We use our algorithmic matching tool to set up small group meetings for professionals with complementary backgrounds, at local restaurants and bars.

It’s super easy - go to www.QUEWEY.com:

  • Sign up with your LinkedIn profile (so we can do a better job matching you with new people).
  • Tell us when and where you’re available.
  • Then we’ll email you and tell you when, where, and the three other professionals whom you’re meeting.

We are true believers in the power of the network —- it’s about meeting people you know and don’t know (yet), sharing your interests (professional and personal), and helping each other out.  We hope Quewey can help encourage people to continue building, and more importantly, developing their own networks.

For now, we’re only in the greater Philadelphia area, but there’s a lot more to come, including new cities and fun new apps!

Thanks for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new product(s)!

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